Answering Service Representatives ~ What We Do Matters

Answering Service Representatives ~ What We Do Matters

By:  Betty (Answer Bay Area Representative with 5+ years experience)

 The first time I really thought about the role of an answering service was during my interview with our Vice President of Operations.  He explained that our company has clients that are doctors, apartment complexes, funeral homes and, home remodeling companies, just to name a few. I remember leaving the interview thinking “This is going to be easy work; I mean, how difficult can it be to answer phones and relay messages?”

As time went by, I realized something.  We get the irate caller, the rude person because a medication refill was not called into the pharmacy or because they are not able to schedule a routine appointment on a Friday night.  But then there is the call from the husband arranging funeral services for his dying wife, the chemo patient having reactions to medications, the first time mom with the baby running a high fever in the middle of the night, the assault victim crying for a support team, the code blues from the hospitals…

We help people when they need it most; more often than not, calls come in when there is a true emergency, when someone needs assistance as soon as possible. I can only speak for myself, but I think that most of us at the end of some shifts feel like we have been on an emotional roller coaster.

There are funny moments, sad stories and then of course the times when you just want to wrap up the call….but at the end of day we go home realizing that what we do matters to someone and somehow that makes it worth it.