Business Answering Service in the Tampa Bay Area


  • You want happy customers that will always hear a live voice at the other end of the line.
  • You don’t want to lose leads. Over 50% of callers won’t leave a message on voicemail.
  • We can deliver messages by text, so there’s no need to search for pen and paper. One tap call back! We also offer email, live call, fax, patch, and page.
  • You may have national or other contracted customers that need attention on a different level. Our unique scripting program lets us handle their calls as you direct and streamline their inquiry. The caller experience is most important.
  • We become your staff. We help businesses manage limited resources.
  • We can be an office staffing solution. You can have fewer employees to manage.
  • People may forget that you’re coming! We’ll make appointment reminder calls, to avoid gaps in your schedule.
  • We uniquely program our accounts to meet your specs, including how we greet your callers and the branching of questions that you organize.
  • We can help you reduce operating costs by providing our in-house staff. We take on employee benefits, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, vacation and sick days.

Searching for a Tampa Bay area business answering service? Look no further! Answer Bay Area’s customized business answering services allow us to offer a number of unique solutions for a diverse range of clients and industries. Our services cover everything from maintenance problems and emergency services, to customer surveys and sales lead capturing.

Our rollover answering services and 24 hour a day, 7 day a week call center allow you to operate your business effectively and professionally, no matter the size. Operating as a seamless extension of your business, we make each caller feel like they are talking directly to your staff. Each call is processed according to the protocols you’ve specified in your plan. By promptly answering calls, our friendly and professional services increase caller satisfaction. By quickly and directly dispatching calls to the appropriate members of your staff, we can also make your business run more efficiently and effectively.

Put our award-winning, Tampa Bay area live answering service and outsource call center to work for your business today!

Our live operators and technology systems are equipped so that we are able to customize our answering services based on the specific policies and procedures you specify. From screening non-urgent calls and answering the caller’s question or sending the call to your voicemail, to directing emergency calls directly to the appropriate staff member based on your on-call list, our services become an extension of your business. Our call centers are outfitted with multiple redundancies and have backup procedures in place to assure no call is missed and that you are apprised of every call and message.

We don’t stop with answering calls, either. Our award-winning answering service professionals can also complete customer survey calls using customized questions in order to help you gauge your efforts. Our surveys and reports present a thorough and candid look at how your customers feel about your business so that you can ensure each customer is receiving exceptional service.

Business Answering Services We Provide

“We love it. The response from the customers has been great. I am sure we have ended up with some new sales because of the live operator instead of voice mail.”

–C.R. – Generator Sales & Service

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